Steve Tibbitts, Vice-President
Steve Tibbitts
Board Member since 2013
Certified Financial Planner at Tibbitts Financial Consulting
Married to Jana with two children, Julie and Nathan
What makes you passionate about education?  Why do you serve?
I believe that education is the primary differentiator in a person's life when seeking success at whatever level they desire.  The opportunity to learn is something that should be available to everyone at all ages and level of ability.  My goal is to help find ways to utilize the resources available to make that happen.
What does the AAESA vision statement, "Your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service" mean to you?
Education for all is becoming more necessary at a time when resources are not keeping pace. AAESA has to lead in the development of the partnerships within the education and business communities to bring all possible educational opportunities to every level of learner, while providing efficient programs for use throughout the county.
Other Affiliations
Educational Foundation of Allegan Public Schools, President
Allegan General Hospital Foundation Board
Allegan Dollars for Scholars, Vice President