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  • Job and Career Fair

    Attention Allegan area high school students:

    Job & Career Fair  

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  • Health Occupations Students of America State Competition 

    HOSA State Competition HOSA State Competition
    The Health students competed in the Health Occupations of America State Competition and brought home several awards and medals.

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  • CADD ROV Competition Awards

    While most students were sleeping Saturday, March 28th, a few students from the CADD class woke early and met at ACATEC and departed at 6:15 AM. They arrived at Mott High School for the Underwater IVD Performance Challenge, the Fantastic Voyage, they quickly setup in the staging area. Once the setup was completed they went from one challenge to another.  The challenges were Infection Detection, Raise the “All Clear” Flag, Handling Hypothermia, and a Presentation, and Drag Racing. Students arrived back at ACATEC at 9:30 PM with two major awards.

    Infection Detection: Capture antibodies (floating balls) that are in one infection zone and take them underwater and release them in another infection zone.

    All Clear: Recover medical devices (Rings on the bottom of pool) left-over from the mission, and signal they are ready for evacuation. Devices recovered were placed on hooks at the surface of the water. A standard ice fishing “tip up” flag would be raised by the ROV to signal they were ready for evacuation.

    Handling Hypothermia: Teams must locate, detect and calculate in Celsius the temperature of water flowing from a submerged hose on the bottom of the pool.

    Presentation: Students gave a 6-10 minute presentation formally explaining their design, engineering, craftsmanship and ambassadorship unique.

    ACATEC 2, PM won first place in Performance and Design Innovation.

    ACATEC 1, AM took second place in the drag racing event over 20 other teams.

     CADD ROV Competition Awards

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  • Register now for Tech Camp 2015  

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  •  New Partnership to Offer Free College to Allegan County Students Allegan Area Superintendents
     Allegan Area Superintendents listen to the Early College/Allegan County announcement at the Tech Center.
    Allegan County students will have an opportunity never seen in this area with a new partnership and program announced today with Lake Michigan College and the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency. Through Early College/Allegan County (ECAC), students will have an opportunity to graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree, at no cost to them or their parents. This program is for students in the AAESA school districts and is scheduled to begin this fall with approximately 50 students, “We are thrilled to announce this partnership that will expand our population of students that can make college education a reality,” says Mark Dobias, AAESA Superintendent, “A free college degree was not something available to our students until now.”

    “Lake Michigan College currently provides early college services in 52 area school districts,” stated LMC President Dr. Robert Harrison, “We’ve had a lot of success so far and we’re expanding and improving the program each year. We’re excited to extend this exceptional opportunity to students and families in Allegan County.”

    ECAC extends high school by one year allowing students to graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree, or LMC credits that can be transferred to a 4 year university, at no cost to the student.

    Here are some key details of this opportunity:

    • All ECAC students will attend college classes at the Tech Center in Allegan.
    • Students can choose between an Associate’s of Arts degree and an Associate’s of Applied Sciences in Business degree.
    • ECAC is a 3-year plan where students take a mix of high school courses and college courses each year of 11th, 12th and 13th year. (see further details in brochure)
    • Students will not pay for classes, books or transportation to the Tech Center for college courses.
    • ECAC students can participate in high school sports and extra-curricular activities during 11th and 12th grade as course schedules permit; and can participate in college intramural sports teams and clubs during the 13th year as course schedules permit.
    • Students will receive guidance from an administrator or advisor for individual needs throughout the three years

    ECAC is geared to the population of students with college potential, but might face obstacles in college becoming a reality. These are motivated students on track for graduation. ECAC students must apply; selection is based on GPA and test scores and recommendations. Each student and his/her family will also be interviewed by the ECAC Advisory Team. Students must apply during their 10th grade year. Each year, 50 students from across the Allegan Area ESA will be accepted into the program. Those 50 slots will be split among the AAESA’s seven districts – Allegan, Fennville, Hopkins, Martin, Otsego, Plainwell and Wayland.

    Districts will receive per pupil funding from the state for these students all three years. These funds will pay for the student’s courses and materials. Districts are holding parent and student meetings to further explain this new program in the coming weeks and to get the application process started. Students can obtain more information at their high school guidance offices.

    For more information, go online to the ECAC link:
    For more information about LMC Early College Services, visit
     ECAC graphic

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  • Allegan’s Veterinary Technical Science Program Comes Full Circle
    When the Veterinary Technical Science program began several years ago at the Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center, a group of Veterinarians, Vet Techs and a groomer served as the advisory committee for the new program. We were also encouraged to have a student and parent serve on that committee. In the first 2 years of the program that student was Kaitlyn Malone.
    Following graduation from Hopkins High School, Kaitlyn enrolled in Baker College, where she excelled and was one of only 24 students out of 200 candidates accepted into the Vet Tech program.
    She graduated later that year and soon found employment with the Hamilton Veterinary Clinic where she is still employed today. Last spring a current capstone student Sarah Russcher interviewed for a work based learning position at Hamilton Veterinary Clinic and was accepted. And Sarah is lucky enough to have Kaitlyn as her supervisor.
    Kaitlyn has even taken her mentorship role one step further and serves on our Veterinary Technical Sciences advisory committee. From student member to capstone supervisor and advisory committee member. It is so wonderful to see our students become successfully employed in the Veterinary medicine field and to be able to give back to the community as well.
    Hamilton vet clinic
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    Baker College Business and Technology Challenge 2014

    Baker College Business & Technology Challenge 2014

    The Computer Information Systems, Marketing & Management, and Accounting students traveled to Muskegon Dec. 16th  for the Baker College Business and Technology Competition.  Students competed with approximately 10 schools including 3 other tech centers.  Networking, PC Troubleshooting, Accounting, Word and Excel were just some of the competitions the students participated in.  Along with many individual awards, ACATEC was able to unseat the reigning school winner, Fruitport, and bring home the school plaque until next year.  This was a very positive experience for all the students and generated pride not only in their programs but for the Tech Center as well.  

    For a complete list of winners follow this link Student Winners 2014

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  • Capstone Welding Student

    Macayla is a capstone welding student working at Landscape Forms in Kalamazoo as a welder. 
    Capstone Welding Student
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  • Core Performance Indicators

    Federal Carl D. Perkins legislation requires all Career and Technical Education programs monitor student and program performance.  Each Career and Technical Education program has core performance measures in each of the following areas: 

    • Academic Achievement
    • Technical Achievement
    • High School Completion
    • Placement
    • Non-Traditional Enrollment
    • Non-Traditional Completion. 

    View the Core performance indicator information below available for the CTE programs in Allegan County.

    If you have any questions or need assistance locating appropriate Core Performance data, contact Linda Blankenship, CTE Director at 269-673-3121 or

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