• School Improvement 
    AAESA Instructional Services supports districts and buildings with their School Improvement initiatives.

    The School Improvement Process is an ongoing process and is not intended to be a one-time event. Data obtained at each stage informs the next stage. The process continues over the course of several years until the student achievement goals are accomplished and the achievement gap eliminated.

    This process cycle provides the foundation to address school improvement and promote student achievement through a comprehensive and systemic approach consisting of the following main tasks:
    1. Gather - Collect Data and Build School Profile
    2. Study - Analyze Data, Set Goals and Objectives
    3. Plan - Develop an Improvement Plan
    4. Do - Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate this Plan

    The School Improvement Plan is intended to be the vehicle that drives the continuous improvement process.
    SIP Process  

    School Improvement Is:
    • A Mindset--A way of thinking, resulting in decisions being made with student achievement in mind.
    • A Process--Implementation of instructional strategies with fidelity and consistency over time.
    • A Product--The plan that guides the teaching for learning process on a daily basis.

    AAESA Services to support School Improvement:
    • The School Improvement Process
    • Golden Packages/SMART Data Warehouse
    • State and Federal Programs Support
    • Program Evaluation
    • AdvancED Accreditation
    • The Formative Assessment Process
    • Family Engagement
    • Data Analysis/ MISCHOOLDATA training
    • Accountability (Scorecard, Top-to-Bottom, Identified Focus and Priority Schools)
    • Response to Intervention/Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
    • Curriculum and Content Specialists/Consultants
    School Improvement Resources and Web Sites 
    School Improvement Framework 2.0

    District Improvement Framework 2.0

    ASSIST website

    Practical School Improvement Timeline for Michigan

    Office of Field Services Resources


    AAESA Monthly Checklist- School Improvement/Title 1

    AAESA Program Evaluation Documents
    https://app.box.com/s/wub66eks0c9r5i84nhko (May 2014)

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