Special Education Resources: Guidance, Manuals & Forms

District Resources 


TIENET is the AAESA schools web based special education student data management system. AAESA is on the same server as KRESA and VBISD. Other ISDs that use TIENET will have a different login webpage.

Special Education Staff Resources

Special Education Requests and Referrals 

School Medicaid 

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allows Medicaid to reimburse public schools for medically necessary services provided to eligible special education students.  The School Based Services Medicaid Program is designed to ensure that eligible children who receive special education services have access to needed health care.  

Medicaid services provided in public schools include programs to address physical, mental and emotional health.  Districts are required to notify the family of children who qualify and obtain consent prior to requesting reimbursement from Medicaid.  All Medicaid claims for public schools in Allegan County are submitted through the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency.

Medicaid Forms

Medicaid Supervision/Direction Forms

Parent Resources

Special Education Dispute Resolution
Parents and school districts have a number of collaborative options and methods for resolving special education concerns or formal complaints. Please contact Paul Dymowski, Assistant Director of Specialized Instruction, to help you understand your rights: (269) 512-7762, pdymowski@alleganaesa.org. AAESA: Special Education Informal Dispute Resolution Processes

Laws, Regulations and Rules  

Personal Curriculum

      Personal Curriculum for Students with IEPs: Request, Plan and Progress Report