• Pupil Membership Accounting & Auditing

    Pupil Accounting The AAESA assists local school districts in preparing for the biannual pupil accounting process. It is the process which ultimately determines the amount of State Aid a district will receive for its educational operations. Support includes:

    square Consultation services to districts in matters of pupil accounting law and rules
    square Supplying districts with necessary data, forms, and instructions
    square Conducting formal audits of the pupil accounting results in the fall and spring
    square Maintaining records of audited student counts from year-to-year to provide the community with  accurate information regarding its local school populations

    2019-2020 School Year Count Dates: October 2, 2019 and February 12, 2020

    Local District Information
    The AAESA Local Districts participate in the MPAAA Green Audit Initiative. This system, which has been reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Education, uses the online software Moodle to allow constituent Districts to report all their count documentation electronically. These files are permanently held on secure servers and form the basis of the collection system.

    The MPAAA Green Audit system currently allows ISDs/ESAs to electronically collect documentation for GAD Audits, the Fall General Collection, Section 25e Claims, the Spring General Collection, and the Days/Clock Hours Certification.

    Any distritct Pupil Accounting Specialist or building contact needs to be set up to access your district pages. Please contact Jody Lukins, with staff information to get set up. 

    Once you are set up, please click on the MOODLE Link to access the pupil count pages for our county.

    Some available common resources:
    There are resources included on the MPAAA Website which aid in the efficient pupil count process.
    Click here to access manuals and publications related to pupil count and processes.
    Pupil Accounting Forms
    The majority of Pupil Accounting Forms used by AAESA and its constituent districts are on the MPAAA Website.
    Click here for easy access.
    Please contact Jody Lukins, Pupil Membership Coordinator, for assistance.