• AIS Heavy Equipment
    Where "Heavy Metal" takes on a new meaning!  Computers don't move the dirt or operate the machines that do, but they can set the depth of the cut via satellite technology.  Learn how to keep the machines going and fix them when they break.  Girl's don't fear...you are welcome here!  This unique Tech Center Program is run by AIS, a national "Big Iron" corporation.

    AIS Course Description:
    The first year consists of basic shop principles, welding, diesel engines, basic electrical, skid-steer operation, backhoe and wheel loader operations and maintenance - i.e. wheeled vehicles. 
    The second year consists of basic shop principles, undercarriage, basic powertrains, hydraulics, excavator, bulldozer, and forklift operations and maintenance, and welding - i.e. tracked vehicles. 
    A successful student will be a careful, detail-oriented, analytical thinker, a close observer, and a complex problemsolver who is not afraid of getting dirty.

    Instructor:  Adam Dennany