• Machining & CNC

    Course Description:Machining
    Almost every product made today, from a pop can, to the space shuttle is created using Machining & CNC Technology.  Students will cut and shape steel, brass, aluminum and other materials into various sizes and configurations from blueprints using specialized tools and equipment. Learn hands-on with the latest high tech advancements in computerized machinery (CNC). Train using manual machine techniques and Computer-aided Machining (CAM) using MasterCam software. Take this class if you enjoy working with your hands, are mechanically inclined, and are good at visualizing objects and have good math skills.

    Instructor: Stephen Potter
    Machining & CNC Syllabus

    Student Projects:
    BMX Bike Stem .25 scale BMW rim Bow Sight
    Sprocket Clock Browning Clock
     School Plaques
     Mach & CNC lab


    Mach & CNC lab  
     Mechanical room