• Clutter Needs Your Help

    Posted by Gayle Underwood on 11/12/2015

    Clutter Needs Your Help

    Whether you know it or not, you have a program called Clutter working with your Outlook email.  It is a helpful tool, but you have to tweek it a bit so that it works for you and the type of emails that you get.

    Clutter is an email filter that runs automatically and tries to keep spam and less important email from getting into your inbox.  It sorts bulk mail (advertisements) and messages from mailings lists, and moves them directly into the Clutter folder. (yes, you have a clutter folder along with Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items...you will see Clutter) 

    All it does is filter email, it is not deleting email. And until it learns your reading habits better, it may put some important email into Clutter, basically hiding it from you. 

    What should you do??  

    1) Find your Clutter folder and skim through it.  When you find an email that shouldn't be there, click and drag it back into your inbox.  When you see all of the email that it filtered for you and you are happy to not have that 'cluttering up' your inbox, clap your hands three times.


    2) Anytime you get email that you don't want to read right now, but will look at later, move it to your Clutter folder.  Clutter will remember that you moved it there and will soon automatically move those emails for you.

    3) Check the email you get from Microsoft that talks about clutter.  The subject may read "Clutter Moved New and Different email". Everyone is getting them, but we tend to skip over it looking for more important messages.  It will tell you what new items were sent to Clutter this week.  If you don't take them out of the clutter folder, then Clutter will assume you want them there.

    4) If you absolutely hate Clutter and want all of your junk and spam to go directly into your inbox then follow this link to turn Clutter off


    As always, if you need more information or need help checking your Clutter folder or turning it off, let me know and I can help. 


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  • Skype For Business

    Posted by Gayle Underwood on 10/15/2015

    Skype For Business

    Skype For Business can save you time and energy!  It allows you to communicate and collaborate with others without leaving your desk. (Although we do recommend going for short walks frequently throughout the day)  Skype is very similar to FaceTime...although Skype has been around for 7 years longer...they both allow a live video conversation or just a voice conversation.  

    Skype For Business actually integrates with all of our Office16 apps, so when you are working on a Word or Excel document and you need someone else to help with it, you can share the document through an Instant Message and the person you shared it with can edit the document.

    Our calendar now has a 'Skype Meeting" button that creates a virtual room that all of the attendees get invited to.  Skype for business allows you to share your desktop and documents with attendees as well as record you online meeting so others who couldn't attend can watch the recording at a later time.  

    You can also use Skype For Business tools from our Outlook email that is installed on our computers (not the online version).  When you hover over the name of someone who sent you an email, the skype tools become visible so you can call that person instantly rather than reply by email if you would like to.


    Check out this Skype for Business video.   

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  • OneDrive For Business Is Here!

    Posted by Gayle Underwood on 9/29/2015

    OneDrive For Business Is Here!

    OneDrive for Business is our new storage space for all of our work stuff.  And I mean all of our stuff...because we now have 1 Terabyte of storage, take my word for it, that's a lot! (1 Terabyte = 1000 Gigabytes) 

    There are a few more great reasons to cheer for OneDrive.

    • It is secure...You can share confidential files with other professionals from AAESA without worrying about breaking privacy laws.  Which means, you can move all of the files from your Dropbox account (or other storage space you have been using to share document with others) to your OneDrive and you will finally have a secure place to share your documents.
    • You can get to anything that is in your OneDrive from any device...OneDrive resides 'in the clouds' so you can start a document at work and easily continue working on it from your iPad, or home computer.  You can even work 'offline' and your document will synch itself to OneDrive when you get back online.

    OneDrive is integral part of O365

    • Very small learning curve...You don't have to change many habits, OneDrive looks/acts like what you have been doing with Office.  Word, Excel, Power Point look basically the same. When creating and saving your work, you just do it from OneDrive.
    •  Collaboration is easy...Once a document is saved in OneDrive, it can easily be shared with others.  You can have people view a copy of what you have made or have them jump in and help you create it in real time. (View or recover previous versions of your document quickly/easily) 

     In order for you to take full advantage of OneDrive, you need to make sure all of your work files are in your OneDrive For Business folder. So what should you do?  

    1) On your work computer, copy and paste everything that is on your U: drive into your OneDrive For Business folder.  Depending on how many files you have, it could take a while for everything to copy/paste.  You can copy/paste your work files that you have in other places too. 

    2) Start using your OneDrive to create, edit, save, store and share all of your work.  

    3) Come to a training so you know what to do...check out this overview of OneDrive video, or these online resources.  

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  • What is Office 365?

    Posted by Gayle Underwood on 9/22/2015

    What is Office 365?

    Office 365 is from Microsoft.  It's a suite of tools that Microsoft calls 'apps' that you use online from any device. Which means you can be on your ipad, sign in to your account, and start a Word Document that can later be opened on your computer to finish.

    Office 365 includes other online programs (called app or applications) besides Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. We will explore some of those later.

    The best way to get to Office 365 is through our website. Go to the home page, click on Staff and then click on 'Outlook Email (Office 365)'.  By default this will take you directly to your email (for security, you will have to log in) but you will also have quick access to all of the other apps.  Come to a training in October and find out how to access Office 365.  

    Note: AAESA purchased Office 365 for all of the computers and one perk for that is the ability to download/install Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneNote on your home computers. Yay, Thank you AAESA! 

    Watch the 3 1/2 minute video.



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  • Technology Trainings Using Tiered Approach

    Posted by Gayle Underwood on 9/8/2015

    Technology Trainings Using Tiered Approach for This School Year 2015-16

    We will be implementing 3 different programs on all AAESA computers this year. We will be spreading the trainings throughout the school year and are using a tiered approach.  

    Tier 1, is face to face trainings that are short and focus on one topic.  They will be offered at 8:30-9:00 and 3:30-4:30 on different days in order to meet varied schedules.  

    Tier 2, is online resources.  These will be videos, tutorials and recordings of the face to face trainings whenever possible.  The resources can be used to refresh your memory of a face to face meeting or if you weren't able to attend, it can be your first look.  

    Tier 3 is coaching.  When you have already attended the face to face training, you've looked at the online resources and still need help, you can schedule time with me to guide you through.  

    Want to know what the 3 different programs are? They are: Office 365, Microsoft Office 16, and Windows 10.  In the next blog post I will provide an overview of Office 365.

    Don't forget to use the comment option below if you have questions!


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