•  Larry Collier, Board President
    Larry Collier
    Board Member since 2003

    Retired from General Motors
    Married to Betty, 41 years; three children and four grandchildren
    What makes you passionate about education?  Why do you serve?  
    I am passionate about education because I see it as the only avenue for people, young and old, to better themselves and realize their life goals.  I have seen the challenge a lack of education presents and the reward it can deliver.  I serve to give back to the community, for the blessings I have received.
    What does the AAESA vision statement, "Your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service" mean to you? 
    Collaboratively working with other institutions and agencies to provide opportunities for all residents to achieve their potential regardless of age, race, gender, creed or economic standing.
    Other Affiliations: 
    Otsego Public Schools Foundation
    United Auto Workers