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  • Machining and CNC Technology Students Start the New School Year Off Right

    Machining Students Working in the Classroom



    The Machining and CNC Technology students have spent the first months of the school year learning shop safety and becoming familiar with the operation of the late, mill, and drill press. The students have also been learning how to use various measuring tools that are needed to check the accuracy of their completed projects. In October, the class participated in Manufacturing Month by taking a field trip to Koops Inc. and Trans-Matic, located in Holland, MI. 





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  • New User and Intermediate Adobe InDesign Classes

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  • Skilled Trades Fair "Find Your New Career" on January 22, 2020 from 5:00 to 7:30 pm


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  • Small Business Operations Adds 3D Printer To Classroom

    Picture of 3D Printer


    Small Business Operations is adding new technology to their classroom with the addition of a 3D printer. Students will gain experience in machine set-up and programming, and using design software to create various project pieces. This piece of equipment will complement other projects, like our CNC router, to give students the opportunity and ability to create more complex projects in class.





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  • Culinary Arts Students Get a New Kitchen!

    The students in the Culinary Arts program have been anxiously awaiting the completion of our new kitchen! The wait is finally over and the new space is ready. The students have been using the demonstration kitchen area since early October and now are excited to spread out and begin cooking at their well-equipped student stations. Their first project will be their FCCLA Local Cullinary Arts Competition where they will be competing in either Culinary Arts, Cupcake Battle, or Serving Up Success.

    Culinary Arts Students get a new kitchen



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  • Image of road construction team applying asphalt

    Building Trades Students Learn About Road Construction Job Opportunities

    On 11/15/19 the Building Trades students attended a presentation by Michigan Paving and Materials Company to learn about job opportunities available to them in the field of road construction. The students learned how asphalt is made and the process of how it is applied to road surfaces. They also learned about the different careers availabe in asphalt road construction. Students hired by Michigan Paving can earn up to $18.50 an hour starting pay and can receive on-the-job training.





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  • Auto Technology Students Off To A Strong Start!
    Auto Technology Students working on vehicle

    The Automotive Technology Program is off to a strong start this school year. All first year students have completed shop safety and equipment usage and are now studying brakes and braking systems. Second year students are either working out in the industry at local repair facilities and dealerships or they are learning about engine repair here at the Tech Center. The shop is opened for basic repairs such as oil changes, brakes, shocks, struts, tires and alignments. Call or email: 269-512-7842; gregory.sagodic@alleganaesa.org.


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  • Update: Photos from the Punkin' Chunkin' Competition

    Picture of students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed

    Pictures of students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed

    Students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed

    Students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed

    Students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed


    Students launching pumpkins with the projects they designed

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  • ACATEC Engineering Students Engage in a New Project

    Engineering students building a pumpkin launcher.

    The Engineering program is engaged in a new project: A Pumpkin Chunkin' Competition. The students have been divided into groups of 3-4 and given the goal of designing and building a pumpkin launcher. This project has been progressing for a few weeks with the competition to be held during the week of 11/4. The competition will assess distance and accuracy.


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  • Picture of pot and hammer. The pot is broken but taped back together with ideas of how to destress.


     Teacher Education Students Learn
    About Stress By Repairing Broken Pieces


     Students have been discussing what things today can cause teens to stress out. During this activity, they listed all the stressors on their clay pots.  The pots were then placed in a plastic bag and the students used a hammer to break the pot; showing their frustration when they are stressed. Students then used masking tape to put the pot together again. Each piece of tape represented an idea that helps students to destress.  The lesson taught the students that they can get stressed out quickly and that there are many resources available to them to help them to destress


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  • Computer Information Systems Students Focus on Cyber Security

    Computer Information Systems student focusing on Cyber Security

    This year in Computer Information Systems, three students have returned for a second year and will be focusing on cyber security. The students will learn to understand cyber security threats, plan defenses to a cyber threat, and respond to a cyber incident. This puts them on the leading edge to cyber defenses and prepares them for an ever-growing sector of information technology. 


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  • Amber Williams is the first Vet Tech Science student to receive the National Veterinary Medical Applications Certification.

    Qmber Williams has become the first Vet Tech Science student to receive the National Veterinary Medical Applications Certification


    Amber Williams has become the first Vet Tech Science student to receive the National Veterinary Medical Applications Certification. This industry certification is presented by the Elanco Company and represents passing the test with over 80% accuracy. The test covers such areas as Anatomy, Terminology, and Veterinary Tools and Procedures. Amber's classroom instruction, work-based learning pacement, and an online curriculum helped her to achieve this accomplishment. Congratulations, Amber!!






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  • Health Care Science Foundation students are preparing for their Safety Standards and Client Status training.

    Students putting on gowns and gloves to get ready for training.

    Care Science Foundations is off to a great start with Safety Standards and Client Status training, followed by certification through American Heart Association for First Aid and Basic Life Support. During Safety training students learned standard precautions and personal protective equipment and infection prevent practices. Client Status training gave students experience with measuring and reading vital signs, for example, blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, height, and weight.


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  • Accounting and Marketing & Management Students Use New Technology

    Students from Accounting and Marketing and Management are using a Clevertouch screen


    Student engagement has just kicked up a knotch in the business program. New technology in the form of a Clevertouch screen/board allows better instructional demonstration and student participation. This new technology is interaction live a tablet, capable like a computer, and visual like a whiteboard. Students' explanations/answers are now able to be presented to just the instructor, to one or two students, or to the entire class. This is where technology truly sparks more discussion.





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  • Core Performance Indicators

    Federal Carl D. Perkins legislation requires all Career and Technical Education programs monitor student and program performance.  Each Career and Technical Education program has core performance measures in each of the following areas: 

    • Academic Achievement
    • Technical Achievement
    • High School Completion
    • Placement
    • Non-Traditional Enrollment
    • Non-Traditional Completion. 

    View the Core performance indicator information below available for the CTE programs in Allegan County.

    If you have any questions or need assistance locating appropriate Core Performance data, contact Linda Blankenship, CTE Director at 269-512-7800 or lblankenship@alleganaesa.org

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  • Infographics Show CTE Data Improves Student Performance Career and Technical Education Improves Student Achievement

    Infographics Show CTE Data Improves Student Performance 












































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