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  • Small Business Operations has Added the Artemis 300

    Stock photo of a 3D printer

    Through a thoughtful donation, the Small Business Operations program was able to add a new, large, format 3D printer. The Artemis 300, made by SeeMeCNC, is made in the USA and features dual extruders which allow for printing in two colors. Another key feature is a temperature range that gets hot enough, without aftermarket upgrades, to print in a variety of materials including ABS and nylon, along with a large printable bed size. This machine is a wonderful upgrade for the students to utilize and gain experience with multi-color printing.

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  • Machining/CNC Changing Name

    The Machining/CNC program is changing its name to "Manufacturing Careers Technology" to reflect more on the skills the students learn and the jobs that are available to them once they enter the workforce. This fall, the students learned about the various careers that will utilize the skills they are learning. They attended the International Manufacturing Trade Show in Chicago and, during Discover Manufacturing Week, visited Hytech Spring and Machine in Plainwell where they saw machinery and precision measuring tools in operation to reinforce their learning. 

    Machining/CNC students attend trade show


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  • Picture of HOA students with ROTC personnel

    Health Occupations Academy- Preparing For Next Steps

    Health Occupations Academy students are succeeding today, while preparing for tomorrow through academic learning and hands-on experiences. To prepare for post-graduation, the program welcomes individuals offering post-secondary opportunities. This fall we have had representatives from the Army ROTC, US Navy, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Western Michigan University, and Grand Rapids Community College.


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  • Photo of EMS students

    EMS Student Fieldtrips, New Instructor, and Starting Clinicals

    The school year started with a new lead instructor, Jodie McLean.  Jodie was the paraeducator of the EMS class for the last 4 years, so she is no stranger to EMS or the Tech Center.  The class recently traveled to Allegan Co. Dispatch so students could experience how the 911 system works. Students have been busy learning about the human body, diseases, and recently got their BLS certifications.  Students that have met the requirements to participate clinicals will be starting those in December! 


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  • Two Criminal Justice students learning handcuffing procedures Police, Courts and Corrections - Our Criminal Justice System

    During the first trimester, students learned the basics of the Criminal Justice system and how the police, courts, and corrections must function as one.  Students learned in-depth applications of the functions of criminal and civil courts. Students were also introduced to traffic stops, handcuffing and the proper applications to be used in a physical confrontation.


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  • Heavy Equipment Students Earn Additional Certifications this Year

    Heavy Equipment Class Photo

    This fall, Heavy Equipment students were offered, in addition to their Warehouse Forklift Certification, the opportunity to obtain their National Safety Council CPR/First Aid and Fire Extinguisher certifications. To complete it, they received classroom lectures, video, and hands-on instruction pertaining to each certification. They then had to pass the written portion of the certification test with 100% and pass the hands-on testing. The program achieved a 72% completion rate for all certifications. 


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  • Computer Information Systems Computer-Build ProjectCIS student utilizing laptop

    This fall, the Computer Information Systems (CIS) classes have started their computer-build project. This year, the students will be building a new server for the CIS lab. The server will be used as an imaging server as well as a host for students' various virtual machines. Students have been researching the different components and working within a given budget to purchase the parts to build the best, most upgradeable server possible with the money available to them.


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  • Picture of the Teacher Ed class Teacher Education Visits Davenport University

    Students had a chance to visit Davenport University and the Urban Education program for a day.  Students were given the opportunity to talk to the Admissions Department, tour the college, and learn about the possible 21 articulated credits Davenport offers for those who successfully complete the Tech Center's Teacher Education program. 


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  • The New Faces of Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts started the year with new staff. The instructor, Brian Corbett, has many years of restaurant and teaching experience. Catherine Schaeffer, para-educator, has experience teaching 5th grade. They are enjoying the Tech Center, the students, and they cannot wait to see the program soar! Fall program highlights include preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal for staff, a non-traditional pizza challenge, and soon they will partner up to create a dish that they will teach the class to make.

    Photo of instructor Brian Corbett and Para-educator, Catherine Schaeffer



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  • Vet Tech. Students Assist Paws with a Cause

    A unique opportunity to assist one of our program partners more in-depth became available when Paws with a Cause started their search for a new groomer. To fill the need until one could be hired, they reached out to our CaFé Pet Spa to see if we could help. We eagerly accepted their proposal and now spend Thursdays grooming Paws dogs for them. They bring approximately 6 dogs each week that the work-based learning students groom. Breeds of dogs include Labradors, Poodles, and Papillons as well.

    Picture of students with Paws with a Cause van


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  • Photo of the new tile

      Year Two Building Trades Students Learn Interior Finishing

    The Building Trades, second-year, students are working on finishing the interior of the student-built house. The students have been learning about installing cabinets, hanging doors, and installing trim around windows and doors. The students have also been installing flooring; one of the projects is the ceramic tile in the bathrooms and laundry room, pictured here.


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  • Health Students Complete Stop the Bleed Training

    Two Health Students Practicing skills

    Students in the Health Care Science Foundations class have completed their Stop the Bleed training. Stop the Bleed was created by the American College of Surgeons on how and when to appropriately use tourniquets and how to pack wounds. Students had to complete the program and demonstrate the skills they learned in order to earn their Stop the Bleed certification. 


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  • Students in the Employability Skills Program are Working!

    Employability Skills students have adventured out to explore real-world work experiences. This year we have partnered with Village Market, Goodwill, and a local school district to enhance the student's work-based learning. The students are excited about broadening their soft skills such as teamwork, adaptability, and communication skills. We are excited about this new journey in the Allegan community.

    Students stocking soda


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  • Engineering, Electronics, and Robotics

    The Engineering, Electronics, and Robotics program is sprinting. All students have begun their career investigations by learning about their individual aptitudes using YouScience. They are also in teams working on researching, designing, and building Pumpkin Chunkin Launchers.The class has also been investigating Additive Manufacturing. The 1st year students have been learning 2D & 3D visualization using AutoCAD and Solidworks. The 2nd year students are studying for CSWA and CSWP certifications.



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  • Photo of student welding a project.

    Welding Program Off to a Strong Start

    The morning and afternoon Allegan Tech Center programs are at full capacity this year, which is awesome to see! Each class is well into the first stage of MIG welding and we have had outside speakers in to talk about what the future may hold if the students wish to pursue a career in the welding trade. SSG Travis Dame visited from the National Guard, along with Todd Forman who is an instructor for the Iron Workers Local 25 training facility. 








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  • Building Trades 1 Helps a Local Student with Independence

    Photo of the wheelchair ramp that students built

    The Building Trades 1 program, led by instructor Mr. Andy Bishop, helped build a wheelchair ramp for a community family in need. The ramp was built for a student that attends one of our local high schools to allow the student increased independence and the opportunity to attend school and reconnect with family, friends and the community.
    Projects like this provide Tech Center students with an opportunity to use new skills while they give back and help others in our greater Allegan County community.


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  • Automotive Program Completes ASE Reaccreditation

    Photo of Auto Class with ASE Certification sign



    In the spring of 2022, the Tech Center Automotive Program went through a rigorous on-site evaluation to be reaccredited through ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Education Foundation. Maintaining these high standards and continuing to meet the industry requirements makes the program more valuable to students who intend to pursue a career in the automotive industry. We are proud to be an ASE Accredited Training Program. 


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  • Student Samantha Stone stands near new classroom signGraphic Art & Design Students Help With Tech Center Rebranding

     As part of the Tech Center's rebranding, not only do we have a new name but also a new logo. Samantha Stone, a Graphic Art & Design 2nd year, work-based learning student, has been assisting in our rebranding efforts by redesigning the building's classroom signage. She created multiple designs and submitted them to our Facilities Committee for review. Samantha, a Martin student, is pictured here with the final design.


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  • Two Culinary Art Students preparing crab rangoons

    The Culinary "Wish List"

    The Culinary Arts program has been busy working on their "culinary wish list".  At the beginning of the school year, students were asked what was one food that they always wanted to try? These items were compiled into one list and the students have been preparing and sampling everyone's wish item throughout the school year. They have sampled a variety of goodies including orange chicken, Cordon Bleu, ratatouille, crème brulee, knish, creampuffs, and crabcakes. Recently they made tamales and crab rangoons.





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  • Building Trades 1 Students Build Their Popular Sheds!

    Building Trades student siding a shed




    The Building Trades 1 program has been swinging hammers and running saws to build five sheds this year. The students learned to frame floors and walls, build rafters, and install windows, fascia, soffit, siding, and shingles. During this project, we also learned how to bend aluminum to make our own facia and drip-edge that normally is just purchased at the lumber yard. These students are being taught new skills that will take them into high-demanding careers.


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  • Icons of Criminal Justice Classroom Badges

    Criminal Justice Creates Mock Trials

    During the second trimester, our Criminal Justice program studied the Court/Corrections segment of Criminal Justice and the process of the legal system after an arrest has been made. Students participated in several mock trials in the classroom; taking the roles of defense attorney, prosecutor, judge, and members of the jury. The class also had the opportunity to collaborate with the students from Graphic Art & Design who helped create the logos for our program teams, pictured here.


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  • AIS students fixing a forklift

    Heavy Equipment Students are Transitioning into the Workforce

    One of the common goals for all programs here at the Tech Center is to prepare our students for the workforce. This year, the AIS Heavy Equipment program has transitioned a record number of students (8) out of the classroom and into a Work-Based Learning experience. We thank the employers who have provided these placements including: AIS, Harold Zeigler Auto Group, Rabbit River Transportation, Black Gold, Padnos, and Greenmark.


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  • Allegan Worksites Welcome Employability Students

    Student stocking shelves at grocery store

    The Employability Skills program is having a great year! All students have been assigned to specific worksites in Allegan, including Village Market and Goodwill, where they attend three days a week and learn job-related skills. The focus is particularly on the soft skills required to get and keep any job. The class is also partnering with Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Disability Network to further the student's knowledge of how to obtain a job.


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    Photo of a flexible phone case

    The 3D Printers in Small Business Operations Get Upgraded

    Small Business Operations has upgraded our classroom 3D printers. Direct drive extruders along with upgraded hot ends that can handle higher temperatures will now allow students to design and 3D print projects out of new material that was not possible before. Examples include everything from nylon gears to flexible phone cases. This new technology will give students the opportunity to continue to create more complex, interesting, and functional projects.


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    Health Students are practicing EKG skills on manequin

    Health Occupations Academy Has New EKG Machine

    With the addition of a new Electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, our students are now able to practise new, valuable skills! Students are learning lead placement for performing 12-Lead EKGs and placement for cardiac monitoring. Students are also learning to identify cardiac rhythms and understand what can cause a change in these rhythms. 

    These second-year students are working hard on all their new skills; everything is preparing them for their certification exam to become Certified Patient Care Technicians upon graduation. 


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