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    We have awesome students at the Allegan Tech Center!

    Check out our student achievers in our Virtual Awards Newsletter!!

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  • Child Development Associate logo

    Second-Year Teacher Education Students Working on National Certification!

    Second-year Teacher Education students in Head Start placements are working on achieving their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. This national certification entails 120 hours of online instruction, 480 classroom work experience hours, and creating a professional portfolio. These students will have their certification by the end of the year which will help them have a jump start on their career; meeting future job requirements right out of high school.


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    Stock photo of a 3D printer


    Small Business Operations Upgrades to an Extended Format 3D Printer!

    The Small Business Operations program is adding a new piece of equipment to the classroom, an extended format 3-D printer. The print capability of the current 3D printer is a little over 8" X 8". The new upgraded printer is capable of printing 3D objects as large as 16" X 16". This new technology will enable students to create more intricate designs for larger projects.


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  • Machining/CNC Students to Learn MasterCam CAD/CAM Software

    Graphic Art & After the lengthy break we had due to the Covid shutdown, machining students have been busy getting reacclimated to operating the mills and lathes. They are eager to be back in person and to be in the shop making parts again. During the third trimester we will be learning the MasterCam CAD/CAM software and machining parts in the CNC mills and lathe. The students are looking forward to advancing to this next phase in our program!

    Students working on mills and lathes


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  • Employability Students Work Hard and Create Partnerships 

    Resume Writing 101 clipart

    The Employability Skills program is having a great year despite the change that this year has brought us! Our program started the year focusing on computer skills, character development, and the art of filling out job applications. We are now working on writing resumes and how to conduct a successful interview. To master these important employability skills, our program has partnered with Michigan Rehabilitation Services and the Disability Network to increase our knowledge on these topics!


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  • Two computer students finishing building a computerCIS Builds Four Computers in a Custom Case!!

     The Computer Information Systems (CIS) class collaborated with the Engineering, Building Trades, and Machining classes to build four custom computers in one custom case for the Cyber Security class. Engineering students designed the plans for the case, Building Trades students used the plans to build the case, and Machining students used a lathe to shape handles to finish the case. The CIS class researched the necessary components needed and assembled everything to create the fully functioning computers.


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  • Health Students

    Expanding Knowledge with Medical Ethics

    Health Care Science Foundation students have been busy expanding their knowledge of the legal and ethical elements of health care and have gained further understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). They also had the opportunity to complete a Zoom meeting with professionals from Gift of Life Michigan and learn about organ donation. Their community service focus has been creating cards of encouragement for residents at Allegan County Medical Care Community.


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    Irish food from Culinary Program

    Culinary Students Prepare Tradition Irish Dishes

    ACATEC Culinary Arts students celebrated St. Patrick's Day with style! Students prepared some traditional Irish dishes that they then were then encouraged to sample. They made boxty (Irish potato pancakes), colcannon (mashed potatoes with kale and cabbage), Irish cream cheesecake, and of course, Irish stew.

    Everything was delicious and enjoyed by all!  




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  • Picture of Criminal Justice Badge created by the Graphic Art and Design Students Graphic Art & Design Collaborate and Create Criminal Justice Badges

     Graphic Art & Design (GA&D) students recently collaborated with the Criminal Justice (CJ) program to design CJ Team badges. Each CJ Team sent a designated spokesperson to meet with a GA&D team to communicate design ideas and desired color pallet. Then, various designs were created to share with the CJ teams. Revisions were discussed between the collaborating teams and final badges were chosen. We are proud to show off one of the final badges.


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  • Business Students Gear Up for Certifications!

    Picture of business student at computer



    Business students will be gearing up for their MicroSoft Office Specialist certifications through Certiport. ACATEC is registered as an official testing site for Certiport, allowing students to sit for the tests during their regular school day. Accounting students will take the MS EXCEL and QuickBooks certifications. Marketing & Management students will take MS WORD and EXCEL certifications. Students who gain certifications improve their opportunities for higher paying jobs.


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  • EMS Students Practice Their Trauma Skills

    Students in EMS are learning about everything TRAUMA right now! In this picture, students were working on splinting a shoulder injury correctly. Soon they will start ambulance clinicals where they will be working with an EMS crew running calls. Students also organized our ACATEC Peanut Butter Drive for a community service project. This was part of the Allegan County Community Foundations Peanut Butter Drive that serves local food pantries. As a building we collected 406 jars!

    EMS students working on splint a shoulder injury


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  • Photo of the Welding Shop




    Welding Sparks

    Students' Success!

    It is great to be back in the welding shop! The students have been working harder than ever to catch up on the time lost due to being virtual full time. We are having success! We have one student hired to work for Landscape Forms in Kalamazoo, three more are almost ready to apply, and at least four students are getting ready to apply at Nelson Steel Products in Holland. Two of our students have been accepted to the Welding Technology Program at Ferris State University. This year is working out okay!


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  • Engineering Program's 2nd Annual Pumpkin Chunking Competition

    After much delay, the Engineering Program was finally able to have their Pumpkin Chunking launching competition. The student teams designed and built two ballistae, a trebuchet, and a catapult. While the catapult shot the farthest, all the launchers successfully performed. The class is now moving on to Electricity, Electronics, and Arduino programming. We are also investigating autonomous vehicle issues using Sphero RVR robots and VEX robots. Photo of Engineering Launching Projects



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  • Picture of Criminal Justice Class Criminal Justice Students and Our Corrections System

     In the second trimester, students were introduced to the basics of corrections in the field of Criminal Justice. Students learned in-depth applications of our corrections system and functions of criminal and civil court. They also participated in several mock trials as they were introduced to courtroom proceedings. As we near completion of the trimester, students will receive training and earn their Heartsaver CPR AED Course Completion Card through the American Red Cross.


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  • Heavy Equipment Students Earn Warehouse Forklift Certification

    Heavy Equipment AM ClassHeavy Equipment PM Class

    Students of our Heavy Equipment program have the opportunity to obtain a Warehouse Forklift Certification. Each student receives hands-on training and is given a chance to operate a forklift. They then receive more class time with lectures and video instruction; after which they are given a written test. If the student scores 100% they then obtain their certification. This year we had 17 students in the AM and 14 in the PM class receive their certification!


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  • Progress is Being Made on the ACATEC House

    Picture of the ACATEC house frame

    The Building Trades 2 program students returned to in-person learning, January 18, 2021, after switching to full virtual learning in mid-November. During virtual instruction, the students continued their learning through the use of direct instruction, multi-media presentation, and pre-recorded demonstrations. This allowed the students to gain an understanding and knowledge of the skills they would be utilizing upon their return. Before the switch, the students completed all of the exterior walls of the student-build house. The plan upon return is to frame the garage and interior walls. This will allow for the trusses to be set and for the house to get closed in.


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  • The Animals are Prepping for Spring and the Students are Back and Keeping Busy!

    Vet Tech is loving that our students are back in class after the virtual time off. First year students are currently studying animal reproduction. That means that eggs are in the incubators and our breeding rabbits will be giving birth soon. Catching up on hands-on practicums, learning new grooming skills, and making homemade dog treats are also keeping everyone busy. The Work-Based Learning students have repoened the CaFe Pet Spa and our offsite students continue to work!

    Chicken incubators with eggsBunnies in cages - breeding


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    Photo of a Shed in the beginning stages of construction

    The students are off to a great start building sheds after finishing tool safety and some small, independent projects. They are working in teams of five on each shed. The flooring systems went well and the walls went up fast. Currently we are working on the rafter-roof system and will slowly progress into window, siding and door installation. As the year continues, we will also be working on some side projects to take some necessary breaks from the massive project. The ACATEC staff is very excited to have our students back after the COVID pause!!


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  • Students Zoom with Chef from Zazio's!

    Our students had a great experience even without an actual field trip. Chef Jeremy from Zazio's restaurant in Kalamazoo was kind enough to join our Culinary Art's students for a Zoom cooking demonstration. He also was kind enough to give us a virtual tour of his restaurant. He shared his recipe during the Zoom and then the students had the opportunity the next day to try their hand at making his lobster ravioli with roasted corn and pepper relish.  It was as delicious as it looks!

    Photo of lobster ravioli made by culinary art students



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  • Health Students pictured in their PPE and gowns

    Health Students Have a Busy First Trimester

    Students in Health Care Science Foundations have had a very busy first trimester completing units on safety, infection control, systems and team work.  Students had the opportunity to participate in Basic Life Support, First Aid and Stop the Bleed training, which teaches them life saving skills. Students continue with medical terminology, they have learned over 11,000 new words! Additionally students are preparing for the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) virtual competition in December.


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  • Local Business Gives Graphic Art & Design Students Work Opportunity

    Graphic Art & Design students are gettting the opportunity to earn money and get experience working for a local business. The Sassy Olive has offered two different opportunities to our program. The students pictured here, Olivia Hightower (Hopkins) and Kendra VanKoevering (Wayland), are paid Work-Based Learning Artist Assistants for the downtown Allegan shop. Other students in our program are able to design new fabric patterns and earn $20.00 per. pattern if chosen.

    Students at Sassy Olive, their Work Based Learning Placement











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  • Photo of EMS students in uniform

    EMS Students Address Teamwork, Communication Skills and End 2020 with Trauma Topics

    The Emergency Medical Services students have been working hard on their foundational topics including personal safety, anatomy and physiology, medical legal and ethics, lifting and moving, and airway management. The picture shown is of the students working on their teamwork and communication skills with the game “helium stick.” We are currently working on patient assessment skills before we start learning about cardiac and respiratory illnesses and will finish up the calendar year with trauma patient evaluation and treatment.


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  • Engineering Students Start Year With Pumpkin Chunkin Competition

    Engineering students building a pumpkin launcher.

    The Engineering program launched the new school year with a Pumpkin Chunkin Competition. The students teamed up to work through the Engineering Design Algorithm to research, design, and build pumpkin chunkin launchers. They were almost complete when ACATEC went fully virtual. The students will finish these upon return and launch something appropriate and spectacular! Maybe snowballs?

    The Program was also given a set of Sphero RVRs from MDOT and we are thankful for the donation.


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  • Employability Students Tackle Computer and Character Skills Necessary for Employment

    The Employability Skills program is off and running despite all the obstacles that 2020 has brought us! Diving head on into learning how to access and use various computer systems and platforms, students are becoming proficient with how to utilize many of the computer skills needed to gain employment.  With these skills under our belts, we are tackling character development and character education, along with Transition Skills Inventories to help us prepare for the community-based vocational education we will take advantage of later this year.

    Employability Skills students pose for the camera, ready to tackle the year!


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  • Picture of Candle Lantern Donated to Christian Neighbors

    Welding Technology Students Complete Community Service Project

    The Welding Technology Program in collaboration with the Small Business Program to get their community service project designed and fabricated. The students are building two candle lanterns to donate to the Christian Neighbors, a food pantry located in Plainwell, MI. Christian Neighbors has a dinner auction in May to raise money for the less fortunate in our community. This will be the 9th year the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center has supported the event. 








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    Heavy Equipment/AIS Students Earn Warehouse Forklift Certification


    The AIS Heavy Equipment Shop Gets a Facelift

    Over the summer the AIS Heavy Equipment shop received a much-needed facelift. The tool room was emptied, and we were able to have the walls and ceiling painted. This is just one of the many upgrades we have been able to accomplish over the last two years. This comes after the addition of new textbooks and toolboxes. Going forward we plan to have the main shop area cleaned and painted. We have implemented on a trial basis a program called CDX Learning Systems to provide online learning for our students in the event we have to go 100% virtual.


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  • Puppy Gets Groomed by CaFe Pet Spa Student


    Veterinary Technical Sciences and CaFe Pet Spa Starting Year Off With a Bang!

    Veterinary Technical Sciences and the CaFe Pet Spa have kicked off the new year with a bang. First year students are quickly learning skills and looking forward to more hands-on activities. CaFe Pet Spa is now open for grooming with outdoor drop off and pick up. We would also like to welcome our new paraeducator, Mrs. Ashlee Berens, who is not only a former student but has been operating her own grooming business for almost 10 years. She will bring wonderful opportunities to the students in her new role.


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  • Criminal Justice Students Learn the Basics

    Criminal Justice Class police car visit

    During the first trimester, students learn the basics of the Criminal Justice system and how the police, courts, and correctional systems must function as one. Students learn in-depth applications of the functions of criminal and civil court. They study courtroom proceedings and will be conducting a mock trial in the classroom. Students will also be introduced to dispatching, radio communication, police report writing, and proper application for handcuffing.




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  • Computer Information Systems Students Earn Certifications

    Picture of CIS students with their certifications



    The end of last school year was crazy, but the students in the Computer Information Systms program persevered through it and were able to be successful. From home, students were able to earn 40 certifications from TestOut and Microsoft. Students attended weekly Zoom sessions and created their own student groups to ensure that they did not lose sight of the goals they set at the beginning of the year. ACATEC staff is so proud of these students who overcame so much to still achieve so much!


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  • Picture of broken pot put back together Teacher Education - Stress Activity

     Students listed what stresses them out on clay pots. The pots were placed in plastic bags and students used a hammer to show their frustration when they are stressed.  Students then used masking tape to put the pots together again.  Each piece of tape represented something that helped students de-stress. At the end of the lesson, students learned that they can get stressed out quickly, and the resources available to help them when needed.


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  • Building Trades 1 Students Off to a Strong Start

    Building Trades students working on sawhorse project




    After a tough end of last school year and a modified start for most of the students this year, the new group of Building Trades 1 students has started off strong. All of the students have completed an independent project to learn tool safety in the shop. They are now working on their Saw Horse Projects. We are excited to see our group learn and grow in the Building Trades field.


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  • Flooring System of the Building Trades New Home Construction

    2nd Year Building Trade Building Another New Home

    This year, the Building Trades 2 students started the construction of another new house. This will be a single story 1700 square foot single-family home. The students have been working to install the floor system and will soon pour the concrete slab in the basement. Once installed and the floor system complete, the foundation will be backfilled and the students will then start framing the walls.





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  • Small Business Operations Will Be Using Vectric Aspire 3D Software

    Picture Example of Vectric Aspire Software

     Small Business Operations is adding a new piece of software to the classroom, Vectric Aspire. Aspire is a CNC design software with expanded 3D capabilities that will allow students to create three dimensional files are also useable with our 3D printers with slight modifications. This technology will give students the opportunity and ability to create complex projects in class that can be produced by different processes and with varied materials.

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  • Accounting and Marketing & Management Students Open School Store During Pandemic

    Students from Accounting and Marketing and Management serving customers in school store with COVID distancing rules


    When considering the opening of the school store during the COVID pandemic, the Accounting and Marketing & Management students discussed the economic struggles that businesses endure. How do we serve customers while also being responsible to employee safety at the same time? How do we maintain costs until the pandemic is over? The students realized good solutions are not easy and take time to formulate. In the above photo, customers are required to stay in marked zones to comply with social-distancing.


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  • Auto students are ready to work on carsAutomotive Students Are Ready To Work on Your Vehicles!


    The Automotive Program is off to a strong start this year! All first year students have completed "Shop Safety" and "Equipment Usage" and are now ready to do basic services. Second year students are either working out in the industry at local repair facilities and dealerships or learning about engine repair here at the center. We are currently taking in vehicles for basic repairs such as: Oil Changes, Brakes, Shocks, Struts, Tires and Alignments. Please call 269-512-7842 to request an appointment. 




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  • Core Performance Indicators

    Federal Carl D. Perkins legislation requires all Career and Technical Education programs monitor student and program performance.  Each Career and Technical Education program has core performance measures in each of the following areas: 

    • Academic Achievement
    • Technical Achievement
    • High School Completion
    • Placement
    • Non-Traditional Enrollment
    • Non-Traditional Completion. 

    View the Core performance indicator information below available for the CTE programs in Allegan County.

    If you have any questions or need assistance locating appropriate Core Performance data, contact Rich Okoniewski, CTE Director at 269-512-7800 or rich.okoniewski@alleganaesa.org

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  • Infographics Show CTE Data Improves Student Performance Career and Technical Education Improves Student Achievement

    Infographics Show CTE Data Improves Student Performance 












































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