• Sonja Skerbeck, Secretary
     Sonja Skerbeck
    Board Member since 2014
    Director of Marketing and Booking at Skerbeck Brothers Shows
    Married to Jamie with 3 children attending Fennville Public Schools
    What makes you passionate about education?  Why do you serve? 
    I am passionate about education because I believe that everyone in America Can succeed when a great education is combined with perseverance and a willingness to work hard.  Furthermore, I believe it is our responsibility as parents and community members to be involved in the education of all the youth in our region. I serve AAESA because I recognize the benefits I received from my own public education in Allegan County, and I want to contribute back in a meaningful way.
    What does the AAESA vision statement, "Your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service" mean to you? 
    The broad scope of education and leadership services provided by AAESA touch the lives of thousands of people in Allegan County communities.  Whether AAESA is providing parenting resources to new moms and dads, educating extraordinary children with challenges, providing ongoing teacher education for local school districts, or preparing high school students for the challenges of a technical workforce, AAESA is transforming the lives of the people it serves.  As a trustee, I share the organization’s vision of transforming lives as a guiding principle for choosing how to best use AAESA resources, talent, and time.  As a parent and community member, I know this contributes to a high quality of life for us all.
    Other Affiliations: 
    Outdoor Amusement Business Association
    Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions
    Michigan Festivals and Events Association