• Transition Community Council
    Allegan AESA Community Transition CouncilCommunity Transition Council Members

    Our Mission:
    To Prepare Students for a Successful Transition from School to Adult Life.

    Who Attends the Meetings?
    Schools, agencies, community members, and businesses collaborate to build a network of support to aid students in successful post-school outcomes.

    Can Anyone Attend the Meeting?
    Guests are always welcomed and encouraged! Attending meetings offers opportunity to learn about services and keep current on Transition related issues

    How Can I Get Involved in the Council?
    Please contact the Transition Coordinator before the meeting to ensure all materials needed will be provided.  To find the date of the next scheduled Transition Community Council Meeting, please refer to the Transition Calendar under the Transition Events tab.

    Meeting Dates
    Please find the meeting dates and times located on the calendar in the Transition Events section.
    Transition School Liaisons
     AAESA: Sally Sturgis
     Allegan: Lisa Lugten
     Fennville: Jenee Antoniu
     Hopkins: Diane Kamps
     Martin: Jennifer Wahlers
     Otsego: Erin Cramer
     Plainwell: Magaret Siebert
     Plainwell: Nancy Heath
     Wayland: Karen Iehl
      Jeff Kniaz