• Bob Hennip, Vice President
     Bob Hennip
    Board Member since 2015
    Retired from Hopkins Public Schools
    MEA Financial Services Representative
    Married to Pam, with 2 married children and 3 grandchildren 
    What makes you passionate about education?  Why do you serve? 
    In growing up and living in the same community my entire life, I have been able to witness the potential for change and improving lives that comes about when people have the opportunity and desire to learn. I am passionate about that, free to all, life changing program, that we are able to provide to the folks living in our county, and I want so badly for them to take and use what we are offering. I hope through my service as a member of the Board of Education that I can influence others to become involved in the life long program of education.
    What does the AAESA vision statement, "Your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service" mean to you? 
    I believe that the only way lives can be changed through education in our local communities is through all of us working together. AAESA is able to provide an umbrella of overreaching services that local districts can not offer, and so they need our help and the resources we can provide. At the same time local districts provide relationships with families and kids that we can't replicate. We can only be successful when we are all working together. 
    Other Affiliations:
    Hopkins High School Alumni Association Treasurer
    Allegan County Community Foundation Board of Trustees