• How We Got Started...

    The STAR Family Literacy Program is by no means new. The literacy program has been around for several years, operating both independently and through the community parternships.
    Starting out in a small local church, STAR provided personal, professional and educational resources for at risk students whom were also early parents.

    Once this program was established, it quickly became evident that this service was of great value and must continue to be available for those who qualify.

    Although it hasn't been easy, STAR has continued to be available to help the students of Allegan County.  Funding obtained from local casinos, local organizational grants, community foundations grants and independent donations have allowed us to continue to offer our many services and help guide our leaders of tomorrow!

    Currently the STAR Literacy Program operates out of a building it shares with  Early Head Start in Plainwell, MIchigan. The Early Head Start program occupies the majority of the building, providing child care for both Students within the STAR program and other members of the community. This partnership is imperative to the success of our program and we thank them for assisting us in our efforts!group pic

    Where We Are Now...

    Recently, the STAR Literacy Program began enduring some changes of its own. STAR has always provided students assistance with completing courses toward graduation in order to receive his or her high school diploma. Additionally, other important educational materials will continue to be supported, such as curicculum regarding childhood & human development, good parenting techniques and educational services for life skills and resources.

    However, starting this year, STAR has adopted a career services program, formally held under Michigan Works!.
    As a result of this transition, STAR was chosen to receive a federal grant that will allow additional sets of educational services and learning opportunities to be added to the current curriculum.

    Added responsibilities will include areas of career exploration and development, job searching, applying, interning and shadowing opportunities.
    Students will also gain much more valuable experience in financial literacy and building a professional portfolio that coincide with their personal and professional interests.