• Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

    The EMS program is geared towards teaching life-saving knowledge and skills givng you the ability to know how to react in any emergency.  Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-Basics) are the backbone of EMS, and Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) training is usually a requirement for every firefighter.

    Course Description:
    Learn the knowledge, skills, and judgment to treat patients with complicated medical or traumatic conditions where proper care can literally make the difference between life and death.  EMS is great for students who love helping others, work well under pressure, and are able to think quickly on their feet.  EMS is a great stepping stone for any profession in the medical field or emergency services.  After successful completion of the program, the students are then eligible to take the National Registry of EMT's exam and apply for a state EMS license.

    Instructor: Jason Courtade
    EMS Syllabus