• Rick Day, Trustee
    Rick Day
    Board Member since 2019
    State Fire Marshal Inspector
    Married to Lori with two children, Blake and Brandon
    What makes you passionate about education?  Why do you serve?
    I have spent the vast majority of my adult life in the service of others,  from my professional positions in the fire service to my many board memberships and civic responsibilities I have demonstrated leadership and passion for improving the organizations and lives of the citizens I have served.
    What does the AAESA vision statement, "Your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service" mean to you?
    I feel my background in leadership, strong passion for public safety and common-sense approach to issues will make me a great board member. I look forward to working to enhance the lives of the children and family’s the district serves.
    Other Affiliations
    Allegan County Fair Board, Vice President
    Former Mayor, City of Allegan, two terms
    Former Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Allegan, three terms
    Allegan EMS Board
    Allegan Fire District Board
    Allegan Planning Commission