• Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
    The Allegan Area ESA Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of parents or guardians of a child with an IEP. PAC members serve as a voice for families whose children receive special education programs and/or services within Allegan County.  
    Allegan Area ESA PAC also:
    • Provides an opprotunity to increase parent awareness about special education. Information and training sessions help parents understand special education programs and services countywide, and learn about current topics in special education across the state of Michigan.
    • Ensures parents have input into the development of the countywide plan for special education programs and services.
    • Provides an opportunity for parents to meet, provide input, and ask questions regarding special education. It is also an opportunity for parents to network and develop parent resources.
    For more information, please contact Wendy Minor, AAESA PAC Liason at 269-512-7762 or Stacy Arlington, AAESA Specialized Instruction Admin. Associate at 269-512-7761.