• About Great Start to Quality

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    Great Start to Quality helps parents find the best child care and preschool for their child, and helps providers improve the care and education they give to children. Standards set by Great Start to Quality are used to rate child care and preschool programs to ensure that Michigan’s youngest children have high-quality early learning experiences.

    Star Rating Descriptions:


    GSQ no star                          Program meets licensing requirements.


    GSQ one star                          Program meets licensing requirements and is participating in                                  Great Start to Quality.


    GSQ two stars                     Program demonstrates quality across some standards.


    GSQ three stars               Program demonstrates quality across several standards.


    GSQ four stars         Program demonstrates quality across almost all standards.                                        Program demonstrates high quality.


    GSQ five stars    Program demonstrates highest quality.


    Allegan Area ESA GSRP Preschool Program Star Ratings By Site:

    Allegan GSRP at Pine Trails Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Allegan GSRP at Hillside: GSQ four stars   

    Fennville GSRP at Fennville Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Hopkins GSRP at Hopkins Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Hopkins GSRP at Sycamore Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Martin GSRP at Brandon Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Otsego GSRP at Dix Street Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Plainwell GSRP at Starr Elementary: GSQ four stars   

    Plainwell GSRP at Cooper Elementary:  GSQ four stars

    Wayland GSRP at Baker Elementary: GSQ four stars