Ancillary Services & Support
    Advocate - Consult - Empower (ACE) Team
    ACE Team
    The ACE Team is made up of consultants with diverse areas of knowledge and expertiese, including...

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    Visual Impairments

    Orientation & Mobility

    Instructional Interventions

    Behavioral Interventions

    Communication Supports

    Early Childhood

    Assistive Technology


    The ACE Team is intended to help Allegan Area ESA’s center-based programs and LEAs support the complex needs of their students with IEPs following a multi tiered system of support model. 

    Support from members of the ACE Team may be utilized to develop targeted interventions for a specific student with a disability (think Tier 3). This is considered a Student Level Support Request. 

    Support may also be utilized to develop group, classroom, building or district level supports around evidence based practices for students with disabilities (think Tier 1 and 2). This is considered a System Level Support Request.

    The process to request ancillary support, including necessary forms, is available by clicking the Support Request button on the left of the screen.