• This 100% on-line school is being designed by educators at Allegan Area ESA and the local school districts. Similar to the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center, students enrolled in VAAC will still be part of their local school district and able to take part in activities offered by the district.

    We are currently developing curriculum and hiring staff. We will have more details in the near future, but here's some info to get you started.

    Students will remain enrolled as a student of their local Allegan County district
    Students will be instructed by teachers from Allegan County
    Students may be assigned a mentor from their local district to monitor and support their progress in VAAC
    Students will have the opportunity to interact with their teacher and classmates in direct video instruction
    Students will be able to move back to face-to-face instruction at the trimester/semester break

    VAAC may be helpful for families who:

    Are not able or do not want to wear face masks according to the MI Safe School Return to School Roadmap
    Who would have difficulty following the safety and hygiene protocols
    Who want to be guaranteed social distancing at all times
    Who are uncomfortable in large group settings
    Who are immunocompromised or have a medical condition which puts them at high risk
    Prefer online instruction to face-to-face instruction
    Want consistency and do not want to consider returning to face-to-face instruction until after the COVID-19 pandemic has been resolved