• Superintendent William Brown Welcome to the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA).

    We are glad that you’ve taken the time to visit our website and hope that you will find the information contained herein both informative and helpful.

    Many people ask: “What is an educational service agency?”

    As an educational service agency, the AAESA collaborates with our local districts to support their mission to provide excellent educational opportunities to all students. We provide numerous services that are too expansive or cost prohibitive for local districts to provide on their own. A fine example of these services is the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center, known as ACATEC, which offers career and college readiness programming to area students. Individually, districts could not afford to offer these programs, but collaboratively, they can be provided in a central location.

    Further, the Hillside Learning and Behavior Center is another example of quality programming that is offered in a collaborative manner. This center-based service approach provides specialized instruction in an educational community delivered by highly skilled specialists to promote optimal student outcomes. Most districts have very few students with significant disabilities; so by centralizing these services, students are educated with their peers from neighboring schools, allowing us to make optimal use of our resources. Students receive quality educational services in an environment specifically designed for their success.

    We at AAESA also provide opportunities for local districts to collaborate for business services, special education transportation, curriculum support and professional development, and technology services. In addition, AAESA works in partnership with many county agencies on behalf of all residents, regardless of age.

    It is my deep desire that AAESA continues to earn your trust and support each day we devote ourselves to always be “your partner in transforming lives through education, leadership and service”.

    Yours In Education,

    William D. Brown, Superintendent