• About Allegan Area ESA
    The Allegan Area ESA may be summed up quite simply, we are about helping students of Allegan County and improving the quality of life in this beautiful western Michigan county. We offer many services and programs the local districts sometimes cannot or should not duplicate.
    At the Allegan Area ESA our commitment to the students and community of Allegan County is unwavering. Our services constantly evolve and improve with the ever-changing needs of our local districts, and the community formed by the eight districts we serve.

    While predicting the future is difficult and risky, the Allegan Area ESA strives to be ready to meet each and every challenge that tomorrow may bring. Developing collaborative partnerships now are more necessary than ever in this time of dwindling resources.
    As you explore our website, may you discover the depth and quality of the Allegan Area ESA's programs and services. 
    Allegan Area ESA Vision Statement
    Ensure every learner, school, and community thrives.
    Allegan Area ESA Mission Statement
    To support and engage in partnership with our districts and communities to serve all families and create and drive educational innovations.