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    Consultant Team
    The Consultant Team is made up of consultants and specialists with diverse areas of knowledge and expertiese, including...

    The Consultant Team is intended to help Allegan Area ESA’s center-based programs and Local Education Agencies support the complex needs of their students with Individualized Education Programs following a multi tiered system of support model. 

    Support from members of the Consultant Team may be utilized to develop targeted interventions for a specific student with a disability (think Tier 3). This is considered a Student Level Support Request. 

    Support may also be utilized to develop group, classroom, building or district level expertise around evidence based practices for students with disabilities, including coaching and professional development (think Tier 1 and 2). This is considered a System Level Support Request.

    The process to request ancillary support, including necessary forms, is available by clicking the Support Request button on the left of the screen.