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    STAR: High School Completion        

    STAR  is a free family literacy program serving Allegan County parents who:

    square Desire their high school diploma, with additional support available for improving their math or reading skills, and are teen parents.

    What is the Family Literacy Program?
    It is a comprehensive program that integrates all four of the following:
    square Parent literacy training that leads to self-sufficiency.
    square Age-appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experience.
    square Training for parents in how to be the primary teacher for their children and full partners in their education.
    square Interactive literacy activities between parents and their children.
    square  In partnership with local districts high school completion requirements will be met to earn diploma. 

    STAR offers:
    square  On going support of academic and parenting goals
    square  High School completion
    square  Early Head Start Services/Access to Early On services when needed
    square On-site licensed child care
    square Parenting classes
    square Parent and child interaction
    square Career and College Readiness along with Employability skills are embedded in the curriculum in addition to project based learning, job shadow opportunities, and work based learning.
    We believe that . . .

    square Parents want the best for their children.
    square All families have strengths.
    square Parents can and should set goals and make decisions about their lives and the lives of their families.
    square The family is a system of influence, and the transmission of values happens within the system, therefore the family unit is the appropriate   focus if we aim to influence the attitudes, values, and expectations communicated in the home.
    square Families struggle with multiple problems, concerns, and issues, and may require regular support and assistance with these needs.
    square If families are to thrive, the needs of individual family members must be met. The teaching and learning process should be reciprocal, student centered, and relevant.
    square Family literacy programs are collaborative efforts that see the family unit as the source of intervention.
    square The school cannot do it alone. As partners, schools, families, and communities can work together to provide the opportunities and resources that promote the achievement of positive outcomes.

    Open enrollment is available. Please call/visit us at the location and contact information listed below for more information regarding our enrollment process!


    623 10th Street
    Plainwell, MI 49080
    (Across the street from the "Fly Inn" restaurant, inside the Early Head Start Building)
    Center Manager/Teacher: Adriane Koehne
    Email: akoehne@alleganaesa.org
    Phone: (269)685-8234

    The STAR Annual Report is part of Allegan Area ESA Annual Report.