• Facilities Directory
    Care, maintenance, and cleaning of the facilities, parking areas, and infrastructure owned by the district is provided by the maintenance supervisor and building custodians. Lawn care and snowplowing are contracted through a bid process to an outside company.

    Education Service Center
    310 Thomas St., Allegan MI  49010
    Phone: 269-512-7700  Fax: 269-512-7701

    Hillside Learning & Behavior Center
    212 Grove St., Allegan MI 49010
    Phone: 269-512-7900  Fax: 269-512-7901

    Hillside Young Adult Campus
    219 S. Farmer St., Otsego, MI  49078
    Phone: 269-694-1400  Fax: 269-694-1402

    Allegan County Area Technical & Education Center
    2891-116th Ave., Allegan MI  49010
    Phone: 269-512-7800  Fax: 269-512-7801

    The AAESA is a tobacco-free environment. Under no circumstances will the use of tobacco products be permitted in any area of the building, on the grounds or parking lot, or in private vehicles on AAESA property.