• Headlee Restoration Millage Election
    Allegan County voters already agreed to a funding level for vocational and special education. Over the years the state government has reduced that funding without input from the local districts. This restoration millage will return funding to voter approved levels. This will have a positive impact on the education of all students in Allegan County.
    There will be two millage proposals on the November 4, 2014 Ballot.
    Vocational Education
    Supports the Allegan County Area Tecnical & Education Center
    Will restore 0.3037 mills to the original 1.78 mills.
    Will generate $809,953 if approved.
    1. Area employers are demanding skilled workers that the Tech Center can provide.
    2. Business is changing. The Tech Center needs to adapt to this change to ensure that programs are relevant and viable.
    3. This will ensure that students have the skills to enter the workforce in high-wage, high-demand careers.
    Special Education
    Supports special education services for all local districts
    Will restore 0.5203 mills to the original 3.050 mills
    Will generate $1,387,442 if approved
    1. Special education is mandated by both the Federal and State government but is severely underfunded.
    2. Because of underfunding local districts are using General Fund dollars to cover the short fall. Passage of the millage will free up General Fund dollars in local district budgets, providing more resources for ALL students.
    3. We have a legal and moral obligation to ensure high quality programming for special education students.