Important Notice

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

  • Our Mission
    The purpose of the Great Start Collaborative is to assure a coordinated system of community resources and supports to help all Allegan County families provide a great start for their children from birth to age five.
    Our Vision
    A Great Start for every child in Allegan County: safe, healthy, and eager to succeed in school and in life.
    Our Goals
    Coordinate efforts in designated areas established by the work groups to identify the specific needs of Allegan County. Gain commitment and support from major community stakeholders. Implement the Allegan County Great Start Collaborative Three Year Strategic Plan.

Belief Statement

  • Position Statement of the Allegan County Great Start Collaborative
    We believe that all children are important and an integral part of the Allegan County Community.
    We believe the future of Allegan County will be shaped through our children therefore it is necessary to nurture and support all parts of a child’s development.
    We believe that collaboration among early childhood initiatives and programs in Allegan County is vital.
    We believe it is vital to work with the community at-large to engage them in the work of developing and maintaining a comprehensive system for early childhood.
    We believe to be ready for the future and to prepare our children for the global economy we need to be open and ready for change.
    We believe that the children in Allegan County come from diverse socio-economic and ethnical backgrounds that shape their identity and our community needs to work with cultural sensitivity to engage these families.
    We believe that all children have potential and need to be given all possible opportunities to succeed.

    Signed, Our Allegan County Great Start Collaborative Partners
    * The Allegan County Great Start Collaborative is funded in part by grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education 
  • Transparency Reporting

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