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AAESA Consultant Publishes Book

Jason holding plaque Allegan Area ESA Mathematics Education Consultant Jason Gauthier was recently recognized for being part the of team that published a book on mathematics coaching. Mr. Gauthier was appointed to the Board of Directors of NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education in 2013. He chose to serve on the Coaching Corner committee, a group that spent time on projects devoted to supporting mathematics coaches in their work with teachers and as leaders in mathematics education.

“Two years ago, the NCSM Coaching Team began work on a book about coaching in mathematics education,” said Mr. Gauthier. “This book was to be a systems level examination of mathematics coaching programs—that is, not a book about how to coach, but a book about what actions must be taken by various stakeholders to ensure that mathematics coaching is successful and sustainable.”

As a member of the Coaching Team, Mr. Gauthier was part of the writing team for the book project. In April 2019, NCSM released NCSM Essential Actions: Coaching in Mathematics Education at the NCSM Annual Conference in San Diego, California.


Author: Tom Scheidel, Allegan Area ESA