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STREAM School Connects with Preschool

Otsego Learn ‘n Grow preschoolers have new teachers and it’s a unique learning experience for everyone. Otsego Middle School STREAM students are leading the way in a lesson on eclipses and seasons.

Teacher with young students OMS STREAM students, who spend the majority of their classroom time outdoors, are learning about the science of solar and lunar eclipses and seasons. To make their learning come to life, they’re partnering with the Learn ‘n Grow preschool to create lessons for them. Having to explain the concepts to the youngest learners, helps the middle school students fully understand the topic. They’re developing activities and visuals with their lessons.

The middle school students first visited with the preschool students to talk about the subject and get an idea of the best way to teach them. Back in the classroom, they created models and interactive displays that they then took back to the preschoolers to demonstrate the concept.

This was a stand-alone topic area for STREAM students, who usually find a way to connect their units with something in the community. “Knowing that the elementary schools all taught this particular subject area, we thought why not try to connect with them and see where this may lead us,” says STREAM School teacher Nate Alkire. As that came to mind, he walked out to the new preschool construction site to check it out and, being nature-based, he thought it would be a great partnership to begin with the STREAM School program. “It would provide a great opportunity for our kids to work with one another in a buddy system.”

This particular project went great and both groups of students really enjoyed it. “I’m hoping to build upon this relationship for future events, before the end of the year and into next year, as well,” Akire adds.


Author: Holly McCaw, Otsego Public Schools