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Tigers in Motion Are "Fit for Life"

student runners warming up Allegan Public Schools’ Tigers in Motion running group was established three years ago. Many schools throughout the APS had been utilizing the “Girls on the Run” program. After many years using this program, coaches no longer believed that the program was meeting the needs of the students in Allegan. Several teachers and principals decided to start their own program which would include both boys and girls in 2nd-5th grades. After searching for a character based curriculum, teacher Shelley Baker found a perfect fit with Character First Education. The Tigers in Motion lessons focus on positive behavior traits including things like attentiveness, compassion, enthusiasm, thankfulness, etc. Runners practice twice a week for 10 weeks following the “Couch to 5k” plan. Each practice lasts for one and a half hours. The practice includes a snack, a lesson for about 20-30 minutes, stretch, and then run.

Tigers in Motion have about 150 elementary students involved throughout the Allegan Public Schools this year. They have also partnered with Allegan General Hospital for the past two years. AGH has provided snacks and speakers to come to each of the schools and talk about stretching, healthy eating, and overall good health. For the past two years, APS has received $1,000 by participating in the AAESA Fit for Life 5k and have been able to purchase the students Tigers in Motion t-shirts. The culminating event will be the AAESA Fit for Life 5k on May 18.

Author: Laura Sullivan, Allegan Public Schools