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WUHS Seniors Open Time Capsules

High school students opening personal boxes.Wayland High School seniors and former 2nd graders from Mrs. Neely's classroom, opened up their personal time capsules they made while in her class in 2011. The time capsules were sealed up with graduation wrapping paper with a note that read "Do not open until graduation 2021." The teacher met with the students at the high school to watch them open their boxes and reminisce about their days at Baker Elementary ten years ago. Inside the box were photos, letters from their parents, some memorabilia, and a picture of them graduating. Out of the 23 students Mrs. Neely had in her class, 20 are still at WUHS, 15 are wearing honor cords for 3.5 or better and five are in the top 5 of their class. Pretty impressive!


Author: Laurie Zywiczynski, Wayland Union Schools