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Hillside on the MOVE

teacher moving piece of equipment

Recently, three Airway Oxygen vans pulled up to the Hillside Learning and Behavior Center and unloaded almost $50,000 worth of new equipment. The purchase of the 28 pieces was made possible by the American Rescue Plan dollars allocated to the Allegan Area ESA. That funding offers states, ISDs and local districts a unique opportunity to improve teaching and learning for children with disabilities.

The Hillside Learning and Behavior Center is using the equipment to support implementation of the MOVE curriculum in the severely multiple impairment (SXI) classroom programs. The MOVE program seeks to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their caregivers by teaching progressive motor skills so that they can participate more fully in school, family and community life. These skills may include sitting (eat, participate in activities, eventually employment), standing (wash hands, prepare food), walking (with or without support), and transitioning (bed to chair, chair to toilet, sit to stand).

According to Hillside Physical Therapist, Heather DeJonge, "With the guidance of Julie Suez Delaney, program manager of MOVE International and Traci Hersman sales supervisor of Airway Oxygen, we compiled a list of equipment and programming needed to implement the MOVE curriculum here. On November 1st, Hillside celebrated the first of two equipment deliveries needed to fully implement the MOVE curriculum."

Following the delivery, each piece of equipment was designated and adjusted to fit a student in need. "We are in a privileged position of impacting the quality of life for the children and young adults in our care and this impact reaches to their families and our community," concluded Ms. DeJonge.

Author: Tom Scheidel, Allegan Area ESA