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Allegan Students Get the Support They Need

From left – Jessica King, Bianca Pratt, and Heidi DentonAllegan's L.E. White Middle School is providing a plethora of supports to help its students achieve at their highest level. The middle school has been overjoyed at welcoming a clinical therapist to its staff. Allegan Public Schools was recently awarded the Expanding Enhancing Emotional health grant which allowed Jessica King–a Michigan State University graduate–to join its team. She previously worked at a youth crisis residential facility in Kalamazoo, primarily treating teens with self-injurous behaviors and suicidal ideation. In her short time at APS, she has built foundational relationships with students district wide and at the middle school through one-on-one weekly therapy sessions.

With the assistance of Family Independent Specialist Bianca Pratt, L.E. White Middle School has also launched the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’s “Pathways to Potential” program. Ms. Pratt has already shown her passion and commitment to connect families with a network of services and supports within our community.

Finally, the school also offers students support through “Prime for Life,” a program for helping people of many ages reduce high-risk choices involving tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Allegan County Community Mental Health Prevention Coordinator Heidi Denton has partnered with the middle school to present an interactive and personalized course that brings the latest research and strategies to combat student substance abuse in our county.

Pictured above (From left to right) Jessica King, Bianca Pratt, and Heidi Denton


Authors: Erin Hafer and Christopher Reeve, APS