Using Pennies to Fight Poverty

This year, the annual ACTAEC Penny War took on some added significance by helping fight hunger and poverty. Proceeds from the event were used to purchase farm animals through Heifer International.

Penny War canisters The Penny War was hosted by the Marketing and Management, Accounting, and the Computer Information Systems programs. Labeled donation canisters are set out for each class held at the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center. For one week, students and staff alike can donate their money. Every penny placed in a canister gives one point to that class. All silver coins and paper dollars are negative points. The program with the canister containing the most positive points is declared the winner and receives a class food party. The Criminal Justice program won this year with 1,804 points. The total amount raised was $603.35.

Heifer International, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing small, sustainable animal farms, is the beneficiary of the money raised by the ACATEC students and staff. Heifer International allows donors to purchase gift animals that are given to families to raise. These animals help the families build sustainable agriculture and commerce in areas with a long history of poverty. The ACATEC donation purchased one sheep, one pig, sixteen flocks of chicks, and honeybees.

More information about Heifer International is available on their web site.
Penny War participants
    Penny War representatives from each ACATEC program.