New Kitchen at ACATEC

student and instructor rolling out dough A major renovation to the Allegan County Area Technical and Education Center has been completed with a sweet result. The Culinary Arts program area was completely gutted over the past summer, with even the concrete floor being torn up and repoured. Renovations lasted through most of the fall, but things are up and running now and the result is impressive.

Areas involved with the Culinary Arts remodeling include the kitchen, locker room, storage, and office; approximately 3,090 square feet. A demonstration kitchen was added to the existing classroom space, which was also expanded.

“Each of the student work stations is equipped with electric, water, flattop grill, char broiler, four burner range, oven and salamander broiler,” said Culinary Arts Instructor Mary Hoadley. “In addition, the walk-in cooler and freezer space has been expanded. There is also a bakery and prep kitchen area outfitted with a new roll-in proofer, a self-filtering deep fryer and a combi oven that bakes, steams and smokes meats.”

“It was quite a process, with over a year of planning before we even began construction," said Allegan Area ESA Maintenance Supervisor Billy Bregg. "Our architect did a nice job with the plans and the construction management company kept everything on schedule.” 

Other significant work recently completed at the Tech Center includes replacement of the fire alarm system and reroofing most of the 74,300 square foot facility.

Pictured above: Culinary Arts student Logan Blanchard, Plainwell and Culinary Arts Instructor Mary Hoadley