Students in blue shirts and Viking horn hats

What an amazing season for FIRST TEAM 2054! 

Fighting their way through the lower bracket in playoffs to finish as finalists in the Calvin competition completed the first week of the season and led to four weeks later at the West Michigan competition ending qualifications ranked 5th and the team winning the Creativity award.  Senior student James, was also awarded a FIRST scholarship to Kettering University. 

At the State Championship, the team ended qualifications ranked 11th, however through the alliance selection process moved up into the 8th seat alliance captain and had the opportunity to fully use all the hard work put into scouting to choose alliance partners. 

Traveling to Texas for the World Championship, the team ended qualifications ranked 4th, the highest ranking all season. The Hopkins Public Schools Robotics Team remained alliance captain through the alliance selection and again used a scouting team to pick some great alliance partners