3D models of four bike racks

Two programs from the Tech Center have partnered with the city of Allegan to create bike racks as part of the downtown revitalization. The racks are themed to the part of the city where they will be located.   

The original designs were created by Engineering, Electronics, & Robotics program students Megan Kolff, Cameron Iciek, Connor Gaylord, Evan Ruga, and Noah Slyker. After the initial design work, the team created 3D scale models of each bike rack. The next step is for the Welding Technology program to fabricate the racks. The finished racks are scheduled to be installed by the Allegan District Library, Tantric Brewing, Regent Theatre, Pizza Hut, Mahan Park, Trowbridge Plaza, and Riverfront Park. 

"This cooperative project between the City of Allegan and the Tech Center's Engineering, Electronics & Robotics and Welding Technology programs is a fantastic opportunity for our students to participate in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of a set of unique elements that will be part of the city center,” said Dr. Dale Quattrin, Engineering, Electronics, & Robotics Instructor. “For years to come, the students will be able to point out their contributions to the city landscape to their children and grandchildren."